Through the inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit of Eugene Roberts, The Western States Machine Company (Western States) was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah and incorporated April 11, 1917. From its humble beginnings, Western States expanded into foreign sales. By 1920, relationships were established with Cuba, the world’s leading producer of cane sugar. From there, Western States expanded to Canada, Peru, England, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Scotland, Korea, and Japan.
Continuing into the 21st century, Western States advances and innovates centrifugal technology as it expands its footprint into more than 35 countries around the globe. Through the constant innovation and foundational principles established in 1917 – distinguished service, unprecedented quality, and cultivated relationships – Western States is poised for continued and future growth through its state-of-the-art facility located at 625 Commerce Center Drive, Fairfield, Ohio.

History Transitioning From Sugarcane to Cannabis

As Western States grew in the 20’s and 30’s, Western States was awarded several contracts with the US War Department to build a variety of war-driven supplies. One of these contracts, awarded in 1942, included the development of a centrifugal which contributed to the manufacture of war chemicals – Western States first foray outside the sugar industry. Since that time, Western States has been in the forefront of developing machines to separate various materials such as chemical waste treatment, bagasse (spongy remains from ground sugar cane), and Lactose processing. In 1985, Western States manufactured the first USSDA approved centrifugal due to its innovative designs, materials, and CIP (Clean-In-Place) System.
Western States was eager to utilize their wealth of centrifugal expertise on the up-and-coming Cannabis Industry – the 2014 Farm Bill making it possible for the products derived from Cannabis Plants to be accessible to everyone.
Western States, a leading expert in solid-liquid separation for over 100 years, has over 6,000 industrial centrifuges installed across the world. Our state-of-the-art, advanced-filtering centrifuges come specifically designed for the demands of both craft and industrial-scale businesses; putting us at the forefront of the biomass chemical extraction industry.
With the ever-evolving cannabis industry growing at unprecedented rates - as more states rush to legalize CBD and THC, producers and extractors are in dire need of industrial solutions for their filtration requirements. Western States has the perfect history, experience and credentials to fill that need. For that reason, we introduce units specialized for the extraction process in the cannabis industry.

Our Team

Bob Sinnard

President and CEO

Angel Proaño

Director of Sales and Marketing

Colin Sinnard

Sales Manager, Botanical Division

Greg Allgaier

Project Manager